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All the music communities meet in Trempolino: from babies to adults, from amateurs to professionals, from subcultures to chart-pop, from Ile-de-Nantes to international

What about our approach? Observing, analyzing, comparing the practices, the trends and the needs of the musicians to create innovative solutions.
Trempolino helps improving the services for the musicians, the territories and their inhabitants, and in a larger sense the “popular music” sector.
Trempolino also plays an essential role in the implementation of new public policies by building partnerships with local creative, social and business stakeholders, by creating a dialogue with public authorities and by influencing the rise of a European music community.

Trempolino focuses on 2 main areas : The Music Campus & The Music Incubation Platform

THE MUSIC CAMPUS fosters the emergence of music practices. We aim at promoting access to the diversity of music and giving people the opportunity to have practical experience of music; with particular attention to the Ile-de-Nantes inhabitants, the children (from nursery to high-school), the elderly and people in rural areas of Loire-Atlantique département and Pays de la Loire région.  The Music Campus has 3 complementary dimensions:

  • Vibrant and friendly cultural center dedicated to transdisciplinary projects
  • Community projects that highlight new practices and emerging cultures
  • Music lessons and workshops that foster collective music practices and arts education

THE MUSIC INCUBATION PLATFORM encourages careers development; with a special attention to emerging and “in-between” musicians, bands and artists-entrepreneurs. The Music Incubation Platform has 4 complementary dimensions :

  • Rehearsal, residences and recording studios
  • Mentoring and collective learning programs dedicated to bands professionalization and national & international markets inclusion
  • Vocational and academic training programs
  • Entrepreneurship and business programs
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